David Foster


David Foster


David, born in New Zealand, started his spiritual journey in 1969 following the death of his father. Asking the same question that many of us ask when they have lost a loved one -  "What happens when you die?" and "Is there life after death?"


Seeking answers to these questions, David attended a Spiritualist Church where he received proof of his father’s continued existence. With on-going guidance he developed his own innate clairvoyant and mediumistic abilities.


David wanted to help others as he had been helped. Over a period of 16 years he travelled throughout New Zealand speaking at Spiritualist Churches and Events.


In 1985 David had a dream where he was in a room with seven people in white robes. He could not see their faces and when he asked who they were a spokesperson for the group said "URIUS".


URIUS explained that this is the name of the group that would be working and channeling through him and that it stood for "You are one with us". Almost immediately, following the dream, David started to channel URIUS.


Over the years that have followed, David has continued to develop his gifts, travelling extensively in India and Ladakh, experiencing first-hand many of the wonders that URIUS has taught him.